Indian culture and its traditional wear are two sides of the same coin representing the same purpose of being united though belonging to different cultures. Whether its Patiala Salwars of Punjab to MundumNeriyathum (a white saree with golden border) of Kerala, from Kalamkari of Andhra to Chaniyacholi and Kediyu of Gujarat, each ethnic wear varies from a single piece to a whole assembling of varied items that identify an individual with specific group who share a cultural heritage or historical tradition, usually connected to a geographical location or a language background. Terratrident focuses on bringing the best craftsmanship of the artisans created mainly in the wear of Chania-cholis and saree especially focusing on the textile of Gujarat. Our product ranges from Chaniyacholi – bridal and occasional wear (traditional Gujarati folk wear) and sarees (including the famous Patolas and bandhani work of Patan, Rajkot and Kutch).